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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 14, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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now it's up -- down. it's down again. these people are finicky but with all the volatility the traders are making money. the bank and the traders are doing just great. isn't that great? 70%, the death rate from ebola just being raised over there as hospitals scramble to get prepar welcome, everyone. i'm stuart in for neil cavuto and this is "your world." 70% is an alarming number. even more alarming the world health organization now estimates we could soon see 10,000 new cases of ebola each week. scares from the outbreak continue to mount across the country. most have been false alarms but a second case in texas sparking fears that the disease could spread here. and moments from now officials in kansas will reveal if a patient being tested there has ebola. to garrett with more on that.
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garrett? >> reporter: stuart, this patient was working as a medic on a commercial trip off the coast of west africa. he treated patients there that were air evaced from shore onto a ship, patients that had a lot of different illnesses but none that had ebola, at least as far as he knows. they also didn't have the equipment to test for it, though. sometime last week the 40-year-old man started to feel sick and he came back home to kansas. when his symptoms didn't go away, he called the university of kansas hospital and said he was worried he had ebola. he was admitted to the hospital on monday and is being treated in isolation. his doctors say it's a good sign that his symptoms haven't gotten any worse. there's no fever or bleeding, which would be typical for someone with ebola at this stage. >> if we had to hazard a guess, which we are always reluctant to do, i'm hope heg doesn't have ebola. i think it's quite likely because he was exposed to
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typhoid that may be the lead candidate right now in terms of the disease process, but it will take a little more time to sort those things out completely. >> reporter: the hospital isn't taking any chances but until it knows that for sure, and those test results will be announced in the next 15 minutes. but these are preliminary test results. the more detailed, comprehensive tests won't dom back for another day or too. but if that testing does come back positive for ebola, much like we've seen in other case, the cdc would start tracking down any number of people who would have had contact with this patient since he left west africa and returned to kansas last week. >> the centers for disease control confirms it is looking at establishing a dedicated hospital for ebola in each state. currently only four hospitals in the entire country are e kwaped with biocon tanme mbiocontainme. betsy, welcome to the program. hold on a second. what would it take to set up 50
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hospitals? >> i was just on a conference call with hospital administrators, doctors, and nurses from all over the country discussing that with people from the cdc and emory university. the fact is one of the commentators says what you're telling us would bankrupt my hospital, he said, representing a southern california hospital. >> no word on who would pay for it. >> no word. treating one ebola patient requires full-time dedication of 20 medical staff, most like icu people. so that would wipe out an icu in an average-sized hospital, more than wipe it out. you need space. dallas, for example, texas health presbyterian hospital cordoned off their icu and sent all their emergency patients with other conditions to other hospitals in the city. not all communities had several hospitals from which to choose. so that's a problem. but the most important thing is the doctors and nurses are not ready for the challenge of using this personal protective
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equipment. even if you see them with the helmet, the respirator, the full suits, as the cdc said on the call today, even all that equipment is not enough to guarantee the safety of health care workers because it is so perilous to put it on and particularly to remove it once it's become contaminated. >> are you saying it would be virtually impossible to set up 50 different -- set up 50 hospitals, make room in each one of them for an ebola patient. >> or more. even in nebraska -- >> can't do that within how many years? >> it would take a very long time. so many people on the call were daunted by the expectations, the separate laboratory next to the isolated patients, all kinds of -- all kinds of adjustments, where to put the waste. many states won't even let you dispose of this waste from such a toxic disease p. >> what does it tell you about the future expected caseload when the cdc is calling for 50
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ebola hospitals? >> it's very troubling. tom frieden said again and again in the last three months we may have an ice lited case or do two but ebola will not spread widely. that is the weasel word he used again and again, "widely. "what does widely mean? well, 50 states is pretty wide. >> any input on the person in kansas who worked on a hospital ship off west africa is said to have ebola-like symptoms? >> very hard to say, but we need a travel ban because this man knew what to do, he knew he might have been exposed and he was able to tell health care workers. but without a travel ban, travelers with undiagnosed cases of ebola can appear in our emergency rooms and imperil all the health care workers just like this nurse. >> we'll deal with the travel ban right now. thank you very much indeed. a brand-new poll from "the washington post" says two-thirds of us would support a ban on fravl ebola-infected countries, a solid majority, 2 out of 3.
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why isn't washington listening? arizona republican congressman matt salan is, one of 26 congressmen including some democrats who are urging the president to ban fravl the region now. congressman, what kind of travel ban? would you say anybody who's been in the hot zones in the last two or three weeks with can not get on a plane and come to america, that's it? >> exactly. exactly. in fact, if we deal with this in a commonsense way then we're going to get some solutions. we've seen the head of the cdc is just grasping at straws. we know that if people from the affected countries do not get into the united states they won't be able to spread that disease. we don't know if the cdc folks are sharing everything that they know with us, but we're not doing everything that we possibly can. common sense dictates that with a deadly virus that is heavily communicable, that kills people in the numbers that it has been killing people, that common sense dictates that you institute a ban. >> congressman, tell us why you think the president will not do
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this. >> because he's very, very politically correct and -- >> explain that one. what is politically correct about not having a travel ban? what's going on? >> i think he always brings it down for the most base level of politics and i think that he's trying to say that we're not letting them come into the country because they're from africa or something else like that. the fact is i don't care where they're from. if they contact disease we ought to put restrictions on the country that the disease is coming from. >> we've just heard that the cdc is calling for ebola hospitals capable of taking ebola patients. one in each state. what do you make of that? >> well, we wouldn't need to have all that if we instituted a travel ban because the folks that are carrying the ebola virus would not end up in the united states and we would haven't to go through all the misery and the cost associated with this if we instituted some very, very simple and commonsense things like this.
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>> now, the argument against a travel ban is basically that if you stop them coming here, we can't help them over there. it comes down to that. it's not very well explained, but that is the argument. what do you make of it? >> that is the most ridiculous thing that i've ever heard. now, if we allow our doctors and our folks that want to conduct humanitarian efforts to go over there, that's a different circumstance. and we can -- when they come back to the united states, they can be quarantined for the requisite number of days and we can take all the precautions. but as far as those that are infected with the ebola virus in their own country, we can institute those travel bans and we can help them at the same time. that to me is just garbage. >> it's a bipartisan letter. you've got democrats on board with this as well. is that correct, sir? >> very much so. in fact, like i said, it's just commonsense letter. i know there are those that are trying to take this as the most base of political ways, accusing people of doing this or that,
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not funding this or that. the fact is this is a serious problem, a serious risk to our citizens, and we ought to do everything we can as americans to fix the problem. >> congressman matt salmon, republican, arizona, thanks for joining us, sir. >> thank you. it is the race that could decide which party controls the senate. and now the republican incumbent who once looked in trouble is looking up. pat roberts next. >> both parties are more interest ed in playing politica games than problem solving and both parties are failing kansas. >> we will end the gridlock with a republican majority. sheila! you see this ball control? you see this right? it's 80% confidence and 64% knee brace.
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it won't be long now before we find out if a patient in kansas has ebola. now the state's republican senator, pat roberts, is calling for an immediate travel ban from ebola-affected countries. by the way, we did call his opponent and have not seched a response. welcome to the program. >> welcome. thank you, stuart. i appreciate it. thank you. >> there's a patient in a kansas hospital who possibly has ebola. we'll find out moments from now. you want a flatout immediate travel ban, complete travel ban. is that accurate, sir? >> that's correct, sir. >> and do you think that this would stop it from coming into this country? >> well, i would hope so, and i think we could continue to be of help to west africa. we could send our best and brightest over there. that would be by charter aircraft. but when they came back, they would have to be in kwarn fien. i thought your interview with
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matt in arizona was a telling one. it just makes common sense. stop it at the point of infection rather than waiting until it becomes a pandemic. we don't need to bring it here. the first sworn constitutional duty of the president of the united states is to protect american citizens. and with everything we've seen, with isis in the middle east to the ukraine, with vladimir putin, everything, this administration seems to be about two steps behind. we can't be two steps behind with regard to the threat that this poses. >> now, your political opponents in the forthcoming election say that this is the republicans who have put america two steps behind in the fight against ebola. they've assembled a montage of republicans talking about cults, spending cuts. and the democrats imply that those spe those spending cuts suggested by republicans delayed the finding and testing of ebola drugs. they're blaming you, republicans, for ebola in part. what's your response to that?
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>> i think that's probably scraping the barrel in their ads. i think they're showing dead people and blaming republicans for deaths thap's ridiculous. we did not do that. somebody ought to point out that the sequester they're talking act was first thought up by jack lew and the president. but regardless of, that think i that the spending has been flat with regards to the agencies they're talking about, the nih and other, and obviously that really hinders some of the efforts but that is not a republican effort by any means nap's a pretty low blow. >> the polls suggest that the race is tightening, that you're catching up to your opponent, and the fox poll shows that you are in fact widening your lead. all this taking place very recently. what happened recently to change those polls? >> well, basically the people of kansas got it figured out. my opponent is a liberal democrat. he is posing as an independent.
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he's not. he is a liberal democrat. by any measure, his definition, his deeds, where he stands on the issues or doesn't stand on the issues and by campaign contributions. he ran against me as a democrat in 2008. he's given about $174,000 to hillary clinton, to barack obama, and, yes, harry reed. so he's going to caucus with harry reed. i think most kansans understand that. voting for pat roberts is about more than a vote for pat roberts. it's about sending me to stop the reid/aobama agenda, put him out to pasture and get things done. >> we have just heard from the press conference in kansas that the patient has tested negative. this patient in initial tests does not have ebola. your comments, sir? >> we -- i think that is correct. that is exactly confirm what we are have found out.
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that's certainly good news. but it doesn't stop the need for really trying to control the disease where it is, send our best and brightest over there, as matt salmon said, and help try to cure the disease there, don't bring it to america. and, again, the president, he's about two steps behind on everything, and then he just sort of does the heisman, and this has to be an integrated international effort. i don't see that yet. the president said it's here. i don't care what protocols we have and the strain we are now putting on our health care system, all hospitals. you have human error. so if we put that travel ban on we can be of assistance to those countries in west africa and we should. but the people that come back would have to go into a quarantine. that just makes sense to me. >> the president has said that he would delay any decision on what some call an amnesty on
1:18 pm
undocumented workers in this country, an amnesty, he would delay that until after the election. is that helping you in this election in kansas? >> well, i don't think it's of help to the country, that's for doggone sure. the president is delaying everything until after the election. even the rumor that by executive order he would declare a total immigration policy and many other things as well. so i think it's very typical of the president to do that. >> jonathan soros, the son of george soros, i believe is holding a fund-raiser for your opponent, greg ormand. what do you make of that? he's not saying who he's going to caucus with after the election if he were to win. what does it tell you that the son of george soros is raising money for mr. ormond? >> well, he might be caucusing with george soros and mike soros, i don't know, or maybe with mayor bloomberg.
1:19 pm
i've never seen the soros family support an independent. i have seen them support many liberal democrats. i think that behind all this they had a meeting and they considered kansas as the social experiment, if you will, to see if they could elect an independent. but he's not an independent. he's masquerading as that. he is a liberal democrat. he is pro-am necessity, i'm not, he doesn't want to open the keystone pipeline, i do, i want to repeal and replace obamacare, he doesn't. he wants to somehow restrict the first and second amendments. i don't know how you're going to do that. should don't that. but what that's what he wants to do. i don't. so there's a clear difference on all the major issues. and on each and every one of them he is a liberal democrat. once can sans know that -- and that's why we're improving in the polls. you can't pull the wool over the eyes of kansas.
1:20 pm
they know what they see and who to trust. >> pat roberts, thanks for joining us, sure. much obliged to you. >> thank you. i appreciate it very much. >> yes, sir. their numbers keep growing. so why do ours keep shrinking? why one top general says we are making a massive mistake.
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-- discussions both before i came and during my visit here is that this is going to be a long-term campaign. there are not quick fixes involved. we're still at the early stages. as with any military effort, there will be days of progress and there are going to be period of setback, but our coalition is united behind this long-term effort.
1:24 pm
our nations agree that isil poses a significant threat to the people of iraq and syria. it poses a threat to surrounding countries. and because of the numbers of foreign fighters that are being affected and the chaos that isil was creating in the region ultimately it would pose the threat beyond the middle east including to the united states, europe, and far-flung countries like australia that have already seen terrorist networks trying to infiltrate and impact population centers on the other side of the worrell. >> moments ago the president meeting with his top military officials along with 21 allies in an effort to plan their next steps in confronting isis. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry has details. ed? >> stuart, good to see you. i think what's significant about what you just heard is, yes, the president was touting successes playly in some of the early stages of this war and saying on sinjar mountain, for example,
1:25 pm
preventing a genocide of those tens of thousands of religious and ethnic minorities prevented from being slaughtered by isis. but he had a lot success to tout in recent days and i thought it was significant he used the word setbacks, saying in the broader context about how in any military campaign there are going to be problems, but that's not something the sort of negative side of this we've heard the white house talking about in recent days. pictures of air strikes today, we're told there were 21 coalition air strikes over the city of kobani in syria, significant because it's along the turkish border. heavy fighting there. on the positive side those air strikes are slowing isis down, but it's not stopping their march through syria and certainly not stopping them in te terms of taking nearly full control of the anbar province in iraq on the other side across the other border. so today i pressed josh earnest on where we are in this
1:26 pm
campaign. listen. >> when you say we, we're talking about a coalition of 60 nations working closely with iraq to successfully implement, and, yes, we are succeeding in this effort. >> so you hear that. ask if they're winning he says, yes, we're succeeding but interesting because it comes amidst the president a mitting there have been setbacks but also progress and also amid facts on the ground, particularly in anbar province where for the second day in a row a town has been surrounded by isis militants. second day in a row as well a town that has an important military base and a town that is west of baghdad right near this key artery that leads to the capital of iraq. the pentagon, other u.s. officials continue to say that thai do not believe baghdad will be under siege, they don't think baghdad is under any jeopardy from isis militants, but these terrorists are getting closer and closer to that capital city, stuart. >> ed henry, thank you very much. >> good to see you.
1:27 pm
if threats to national security are on the rise, why is the number of u.s. troops on the decline? top four-star genere ordinary row says washington budget cuts are putting our troops at risk and katie mcfarland agrees with that. the army will be down to 440,000 active soldiers, about the same level as before world war ii. too small? >> it's not just the army. it's the air force, the marine, the navy. everything is being downsized considerably. at the same time, president obama has committed them to even more missions. that is a shortfall that is guaranteed to be failure. why? because the missions keep increasing, the size of the military keeps shrinking, the military probably can't succeed in achieving those missions as they are now, and yet those missions are expanding. i was in the reagan administration and we came into the pentagon in early 1981 and we saw the effects of the carter defense cuts. we had ships that couldn't sail
1:28 pm
because there was no fuel. we had planes that couldn't fly because pilots weren't even certified, hadn't had enough training hours. for every tank that worked there was another one sitting right next to it that was cannibalized. but worst of all we had vietnam vets who were homeless and didn't have adequate medical care and our current active duty at the time -- >> do you think it will be that fast? >> i do. >> in the near future it is that bad for the u.s. military. you think that? >> if we continue to have these missions that the president continues to -- >> what do you think of what the president just said? he said our allies are united in a long-term effort against isis. ed henry comes on and says that isis has now surrounded two more towns including one with an important air base. what do you make of what the president said? >> i don't know who believers him. i mean, we're succeeding? the allies, the coalition is succeeding? the only thing the coalition agrees on is nobody's going to put combat forces into the region. we're advancing against isis.
1:29 pm
isis is in the north of iraq and there's nothing standing between isis and advance on the kurdish regions. there is no boots on the ground, and the one group in the middle east that's willing to fight the kurds, that's one group we're not arming. >> but the president knows that. he knows what's happening. and he's come out with a statement that we are succeeding. how do you get this juxtaposition here? how do you get the two stories straight? they're not straight. >> they're not straight at all, and he's got this senior military leadership that's issuing all thee sort of cautionary statements that we're not succeeding, we may need combat forces. if the president has this mission where he says we're going to degrade and defeat isis, he's not giving the military the equipment and the wherewithal to do that. he needs to change the mission. my guess is he's going to after the election, which is all this is about is getting through the election, after the election he'll have three options. we either say we bombed everybody, it's a success, we're coming home, or he's going to say we're going to send in tens
1:30 pm
of thousands of combat forces, or more likely he eel partner with iran and say, you know, you, the pro-iranian, iraqi earp, the shiite myly shas, we're all going to work together to get rid of isis and iran will have a price tag on that and it will be nuclear weapons. i think it's a complete disaster and will only get worse. america's word is worth nothing and our military forces are in jeopardy, and the president, what is he doing? cutting the benefit, cutting the size of the military while he sends them over the ebola epidemics in africa. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> she won't tell us about her vote. will that have folks rethinking theirs? >> why are you reluctant to give an answer on whether or not you voted for president obama? >> bill, there's no reluctancy. this is a matter of principle.
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shopping online is as easy as it gets. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers, carpenters and even piano tuners were just as simple? thanks to angie's list, now it is. start shopping online from a list of top-rated providers. visit today. dand dates clashing, but will it change now anyone's voting? and a man an a smoke bomb in knox. a sign how security is going up in smoke?
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why are you reluctant to give an answer on whether or not you voted for president obama? >> bill, there's no reluctancre. this is a matter of principle. our constitution grantings here in kentucky the constitutional right for privacy at the ballot box for a secret ballot. isle protect that right for
1:35 pm
every -- >> you won't answer that question tonight. >> again, that you have right. senator mcconnell has that right. every kentuckian has the right for privacy at the ballot box. if i as an election fifshl don't stand up for that right who in kentucky will? >> there's also no sacred right to not announce how we vote. avoted for mitt romney, proudly. i voted for john mccain. and by the way in 2012116 out of 120 kentucky counties agreed with my judgment that we might be in better shape now had mitt romney been elected. >> lots of questions in last night's kentucky senate debate, but it's the one that wasn't answered that's getting a lot of play. to political guru larry sabato on whether allison london grimes made the right play there. i've got some news for you, larry, you may have heard this before but came about moments ago. democrats are not going to put any more money into allison lund
1:36 pm
grant grim-- lundgren grimes campaign. is that thauz because she won't say which way she voted? >> no. i think it's because she's unlikely to win. they're transferring the money to georgia where they have a chance of at least winning the race and forcing a runoff. did allison grimes answer it the right way? of course not. it was too clever by half, and this has been an issue nor for many days because she wouldn't say the obvious. everybody knows she voted for obama. she should simply have said in the beginning i'm an elected democratic official. i voted democratic as i usually do. it's my obligation to my party. that's it. you know, you take the hit, you move on. but the fact that she's refusing to answer it i think adds to her problems. >> i'm going to run another is very clear that missate in grimes is putting as much distance as possible between herself and president obama. roll tape.
1:37 pm
>> you've said that you were a clinton democrat. and i'm curious about what in your mind separates a clinton democrat from an obama democrat. >> well, from my work here in kentucky and indeed in this campaign is one that is based on growing the middle class. and as we saw under president clinton's tenure, especially increasing the minimum wage, you help to expand the middle class. we saw the largest growth under president clinton's tenure than ever before. we have not seen that. >> larry, is she perhaps running too far away from president obama? >> i think she has to worry about the motivation of the democratic base. she needs a very strong turnout among minorities, for instance, in kentucky to have any reasonable chance of even coming close to senator mcconnell. you know, she's trying to make the distinction that many democrats make between bill
1:38 pm
clinton and barack obama because clinton is more acceptable in kentucky. he carried kentucky twice. president obama lost it in massive landslides twice. by the way, president obama's approval rating in kentucky right now is in the low 30s. so you can see why she's running away from bill clinton -- run away from barack obama, but i don't think bill clinton can save her. >> you want to call that race? the poll we just showed on the screen there we put mitch mcconnell three points up. you want to call it? >> well, my website, the crystal ball, for an entire year has never had that race at toss-up, has never had it at leading republicans, always at likely republican and that's where we're going to keep it. i think mcconnell is the likely winner. >> switching gears to arctic national wildlife refuge, senator pryor against his challenger. what's your reading there? >> leading republican. arctic national wildlife refuge is a lot like kentucky, west virginia, tennessee, and some
1:39 pm
over southern states and having moved strongly in the republican direction. everything that i've seen confirms that cotton will win. it may not be a massive landslide because it's tough to beat an incumbent, mark pryor, but you saw in the debate that occurred what the themes are. and once again it's obama, obama, obama. you know, mark pryor voted with obama x percent of the time. it was over 90%. so the themes are becoming relatively consistent for both democratic and republican candidates across the country. >> i just want to roll on that debate there, pryor versus cotton, to show that that theme in, indeed, valid, that it is run eight way from president obama. it was a theme in the allison grimes/mitch mcconnell debate. now listen to this from pryor versus cotton. >> already said that barack obama doesn't offer a lot to rule america to states like arctic national wildlife refuge. i agree pip just don't understand why he votes with him 93% of the time. >> i disagree with obama plenty,
1:40 pm
and, yes, i've been disappointed in him and i'm not going to sugar coat that. >> you ever see a midterm election where so many people are run eight way from the president of their own party? >> sure. 2006 when republicans ran away from george w. bush. this often happens in the sixth year of a two-term presidency and it's certainly happening today. and barack obama's unpopularity in in m of these red states will be one reason why republicans will gain seats in both houses of congress. just add it all up in ten second, would you. do the republicans take the senate? >> i certainly think it's leading that way. i don't think it will be a landslide but i think by a few seats yes. >> okay. larry sabato, thanks very much, indeed, as always. >> thank you. macy's kicking off the black friday fight opening its doors at 6:00 p.m. this thanksgiving. that is earlier than ever. is it also a sign the economy's not better? she's still the one for you.
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maybe why this is macy's is opening even earlier this thanksgiving. two-thirds of us are holding back on spending. the top reason because incomes are going nowhere. worries about the economy coming in a distant third. charles pace joins us from our sister network. he says this is not good news for the economy. jessica column disagrees. charles, you're first. why are people withholding on their spending? >> the biggest reason is people are still frustrated, stuart. their wages are have gone down. it's ban long time since people have got an raise. most people lost their job going into the great recession who have gotten it back are making 23% less. having said, that i think you might see something where they'll start maybe to spend a little bit more as we get closer to christmas and that kind of
1:45 pm
stuff, but people are frustrated. this is more about frustration than it is about fear right now in my mind. >> okay. why are so many people holding back their spending? >> i'm excited because we don't fully disagree. i think that people are frustrated and i think fear actually just generally has a lot to do with how americans are functioning today generally. i mean, we have huge crises going on. we have isis, we have ebola. people don't know where the world is going tomorrow. >> is that partly the result -- i mean, the anxiety part of the result of the president not making a strong stand on the crises which affect us? >> i think that we do have a little bit of a leadership problem on these issues, and i think that the president -- >> sort of like being a little bit pregnant. i'm just joking. >> i never had that but yes. yes. >> when it comes to being the president, either you have a major leadership crisis or you don't. >> i do not believe we have a major leadership crisis. i think that we have a confluence of events that -- we haven't seen disaster that the-foot level a really long
1:46 pm
time. >> does it all go away? if these crises are -- >> are people going to run right out the to macy's? no. >> i'm telling you when i run out to macy's. if their wages go up. if we unleash businesses, if we said being successful is not a bad thing, if we removed all that, wages started to go up -- >> and the minimum wage or just wages. minimum wage is not a minor -- i think it's -- 25 million workers are affected by it. >> wait a second. wait a second. if we get real growth in this economy, 4% growth, then you'll get more income, then you'll get more spending. i don't think this president is going to give us 4% growth. >> in the next two years? i don't know. but maybe hillary will give it to us in 2016. >> so you agree with me. what we want is growth. >> it is a -- it takes a long time. >> here's the conundrum. i've watched this closely.
1:47 pm
over the summer savings rates started to spike, pretty intriguing. >> saving more. >> the same anxiety and fear we're talking about. if we get a big boom in spending this holiday period it will come at the expense of savings so i think we will get better than expected shop bug not because the economy is better. >> jessica, charles, thank you very much indeed. do not miss charles payne's show called "making money with charles payne" on the fox business network at 6:00 p.m. eastern. if you're not sure where to find it in your area, you just logon to listen to this. someone caught throwing a smoke bomb into a restaurant. sick joke or something entirely more dangerous? ah! come on! let's hide in the attic. no. in the basement. why can't we just get in the running car? are you crazy? let's hide behind the chainsaws. smart. yeah. ok. if you're in a horror movie,
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>> new york city police are now on a man hunt for a suspect caught on this videotape. it shows a man climbing out from a subway great and throwing a smoke bomb into a nearby shop. an intelligence shop -- first of all, what on earth was -- a chucks a smoke bomb into a restaurant. it shows how vulnerable we could be to a particular attack like this. we can't stop everything? >> are we unnecessarily open? are there threats which we haven't thought of? is there lax security because we
1:52 pm
haven't thought about a guy out of a subway grate. >> when you start looking at the intricacies of the under ground network, you look at the evacuation routes that are necessary, and you start looking at all those problems, you can't secure all of that. we look at the reps and we figure out what's more problematic, a fire in a train between two train stations and needing to get people out is more important than somebody throwing a hand grenade. >> has this guy reveal 5d fault in the system. >> you couldn't do that and you can't lock it all down either, so what we're going to need to do is figure out exactly how we did it, go back and take a look at it and see if we can prove the locking mechanisms. >> if we're talking security threats, what do you make've this isis threat to law
1:53 pm
enforcement officials. >> we have been looking at it and talking about this, this is the homegrown violent extremists, who's sitting at home, self radic-- and isis has already put this out. they have told their followers, do what you can do. so a guy gets a gun or a knife and he goes into a transportation hub, and just starts committing mayhem. >> in britain, police officers have been warned to watch out for literally public beheadings. isis people who have british passports, british back grounds have gone over to fight for isis in the middle east, they're coming back and they're warning the cops, they're threatening public behaviors of police officers.
1:54 pm
>> you look -- we had a situation occurring last night where someone went a little bit crazy and wound up in an attack and just took one's head off. >> it's come right back at us now with isis, do you agree with that? >> i think we're seeing history repeat itself a lot of what we're seeing from isis, it's just threats. as she's fighting, the government's still scrambling in government's still scrambling in its fight against ebola. an update from dallas is a lifetime of retirement income. so i can focus on what matters most. [ female announcer ] everyone has a moment when tomorrow becomes real. transamerica.
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laying oil a new plan to combat ebola. we're learning more about the number of health care workers who may have been exposed to
1:58 pm
ebola in texas. >> hi, saw wart, according to the cdc, it's a number of health care workers who came in contact with thomas duncan or his blood. according to thomas freed en,a does not mean they are -- so far, there have been none, still with the one and only transmission that has occurred in the u.s., the cdc session that is one too many. it announced today it will be sending in specialty teams to any hospital confirmed with a case. >> we have been hearing loud and clear from health care workers from around the country that they're worried, that they don't feel prepared to deal with a patient be ebola.
1:59 pm
they're scared that one of their ctheir -- >> the world's first test on ebola being done on a hue tan -- the first subject was injected at 9:15 a.m. yesterday with a canadian made ebola vaccine, doctors say they are doing this with 39 healthy volunteers and officials say there is no need to quarantine these individuals, it's not the whole vaccine they're given, it is a gene from the ebola vaccine micked with other material, and i want to give you an update out of kansas city, kansas, the initial blood test results of the patient they thought was displaying symptoms of ebola, that test came back negative. >> just how dangerous and expensive is it to disinfect that ebola patient's apartment
2:00 pm
in dallas. i'm actually talking to the guy who's getting paid to do it. if you're not sure where to find out, log on to fox hello, everyone, i'm greg, along with kimberly, bob and dana. this is "the five." as war as pestilence rage, what's the white house up to? it's not isis, it's ice flows. chuck hagel just released his department's -- with wise planning and risk mitigation now, we can reduce adverse impacts down range. this would be fine if these people could multitask. but they can't even single task. but here


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